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Restricted and Denied Party Screening and Resolution

"We chose Visual Compliance for a number of reasons. One of which was their attention to detail."

Legal Counsel, Energy Services Provider, Salt Lake City

In addition to online, batch and integrated restricted/denied party screening solutions, Visual Compliance offers a full range of screening services.

Using the same Visual Compliance solutions, our staff execute your screening processes according to your requirements, so you can offload some or all of your screening obligations while retaining your procedural and audit controls.

Online services

In addition to using Visual Compliance on-line screening tools yourself, you can provide us with parties for our staff to screen for you. Whether you provide details over the phone, in an email or SMS, you will be amazed at how quickly you'll have your results.

Easylist screening services

Provide your records in any file format for screening against your selected government lists. With our robust screening procedures and today-current content, you are assured the highest quality standards. Turn-around time can be prioritized to suit your needs. Results are extraordinarily easy and quick to work with, designed for ease of reading and grouped for priority review.

Rescreening services

Re-screening is one of the most important additions a company can make to its screening processes. It adds scheduled or ad hoc re-screening of your lists or transactions to your compliance practices and ensures you recognize parties added or removed from government lists today, yesterday, or since your last screening. Visual Compliance robust rescreening practices can also provide the proof you need that when you did business with the individual or organization, they were not restricted, denied or debarred. Results, if any, are easy to read, grouped for priority review, and returned when and where you specify.

Real-time transaction screening services

Includes real-time transaction screening from any of your corporate technologies: ERP, CRM, PSA, VRM, HR, e-commerce, core banking, etc. And from any business process—new customer setup, order entry, vendor management, purchase orders, transaction receipt, hiring…

Audit trail services

Visual Compliance can store, maintain and protect your audit trail records—for as long you want. So you can quickly produce records when needs arise, and easily manage your compliance records to support your audit functions.

For more information

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