We are committed to continued innovation and advancements that support clients through changes in legislation, business models and technologies.

eCustoms has been developing, deploying, and supporting our world-class customs and foreign trade compliance services, knowledge and technologies for more than 30 years. A privately-owned company, our depth and scope is unmatched in the industry.

We are more than just a global trade compliance company—we are an agent of change and a global business partner. We work to deliver the solutions, services, content, and knowledge that enhance your trade compliance processes.

A culture of learning

It's not just our technology. It's our people, our support infrastructure, our attention to the changing world of foreign trade compliance, and our culture of listening to the needs of our clients that all contribute to our clients' positive experience of working with us.

Attention to unique client needs

We have built a solid foundation of knowledge that ensures our robust, scalable solutions are user friendly and thorough. The accumulated eCustoms' "Collective Wisdom" is brought to bear on each and every client relationship we have, to help ensure that each client's unique needs are addressed by people who understand them.

It is this character that we are committed to maintaining as we move forward with our clients to meet the ongoing changes and challenges of international and cross-border trade and compliance.

Events timeline

World Timeline


eCustoms Timeline
IBM sells first Personal Computer; Compact discs enter the market
eCustoms begins operations with a staff of three
Motorola breaks new ground with 32-bit, 25MHz microprocessor; Beginning of the end of Soviet era as Gorbachev takes control
Receives Novell Certification
Space shuttle launches first commercial satellite payload
Implements first DOS-based import solution on dual processor Unix system with over 100 users (for Chrysler)
The number of internet hosts surpasses the 10,000 mark
Designs and implements first DOS-based compliance system (for L-3); eCustoms systems selected for use by colleges training students of international trade
Virtual reality becomes reality; U.S. and Canada sign free trade agreement
eCustoms' Practical Guide to Importing and Exporting becomes a best-seller, with sales of more than 10,000 copies; Implements first commercial Canadian Customs-approved CADEX electronic filing solution
HTML protocol developed; Nintendo's Gameboy hits the market; Harmonized Tariff System Introduced as new global trade standard; Berlin Wall is dismantled
Installs first compliance solution at Honeywell; Introduces Harmonized Tariff Classification software; Debuts landmark export solution; Moves from 3,000 sq ft offices to 15,000 sq ft facility
Philips releases the CD-Interactive format; Java technology created; Kuwait liberated from Iraqi occupation; Collapse of the Soviet Union
Establishes EDI Customs Brokers; Customs uses eCustoms solutions to familiarize Customs employees with compliance systems
Intel releases the Pentium chip; U.S. unveils plans to enforce Customs laws in an automated environment
Automates Department of Defense customs compliance program
NAFTA implemented in the U.S., Canada and Mexico; Yahoo launches as world wide web search engine
Launches NAFTA solution
Microsoft and Netscape lock horns in browser war; Sun Microsystems plays major role in Toy Story, the first all computer generated feature film; World Trade Organization established
LCBO – world's largest liquor importer – selects eCustoms import solution; eCustoms receives Microsoft Certification
More than 10 million people are members of AOL; Britain hands Hong Kong's sovereignty back to China
Develops first fully automated, paperless customs clearance process (for Federal Mogul)
World prepares for Y2K challenge
Rolls out Visual Compliance to meet the compliance needs of U.S. exporters; moves to own 40,000 sq ft building
Dotcoms consolidate; Human genome deciphered
Establishes U.S. Customs Brokerage operation; Sets up International Trade Consulting Division; Receives Oracle Certification
Apple iPod portable music player is released; War against terrorism stepped up following 9/11 attacks; U.S. invades Afghanistan
Releases Customs IQ for comprehensive online HTS classification; Receives Citrix Certification
IBM sells Personal Computer division to Chinese company; Google IPO; U.S. begins rolling out AEI, as Canada introduces ACI
Unveils AEI, ACI solutions
Hurricane Katrina floods New Orleans; the first fully-functional neuro-cybernetic limbs
Releases License Activity Management solution for controlled goods export licensing; QP/WP Gateway, ACE e-Manifest, and RNS online solutions for carriers
The number of websites with domain names and content on them surpassess 100 million.
Provides innovative new compliance solutions for colleges and universities
Housing bubble bursts; Radovan Karadzic captured and sent for trial at The Hague, Barack Obama wins U.S. presidency.
Unveils Traveler & Visitor solution for expanded ITAR compliance
First synthetic cell created; Earthquakes Rock Haiti and Chile
License solution expanded to include management of Technology ("Deemed Export") compliance
Osama bin Laden killed; Massive earthquake rocks Japan; Arab spring begins; Prince William Weds Catherine
Unveils expanded Financial Services compliance solution

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